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The digital world is a noisy place. This is why it’s critical to create content that is meaningful and addresses the needs of your target audience. By creating thoughtful, compelling messages, I will help you set the right tone.

My approach is hands-on. I want to get to know you and your business on a deeper level, so I can help you craft your story and find your voice, while also working through any existing challenges that might have held you back in the past. The final product? Polished, professional copy that will resonate with your audience.

Whether you’re looking to build a cohesive online presence, launch a new product or better communicate with your target audience, I will create content that drives home those goals.

My client roster runs the gamut. I love working with large brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs. I also write for a number of magazines, blogs and trade publications around the web.

Great writing is powerful. Do you agree? Let’s make an impact together.


Content errors are unfortunately all too common in today’s world. As a result, these mistakes make your business appear unpolished and unprofessional.

Whether you need a full-time copyeditor, or the occasional proofreader, I will carefully edit to catch any and all mistakes. Also, if you’re looking to tighten, strengthen or streamline copy for tone and consistency, this is my forte.

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Communications Consulting

I have a wide range of experience working in communications, including serving as a spokesperson, training top executives to work with the media, and developing grassroots strategies to improve corporate reputations. I thoroughly enjoy working with large brands and small businesses, offering my expertise in public relations, content development, marketing and strategy.

Helping organizations – both big and small – learn how to effectively connect with their target audience and stakeholders through the art of communication is my passion.

If you’re ready for a fresh perspective, or an outside opinion, look no further.

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